Kaspersky Password Manager Winners

February 2, 2010 · 3 comments

in Giveaways

The giveaway offer for Kaspersky Password Manager is now ended. 3 Lucky winners has been selected through random.org and they keys has been sent on there email addresses. 4 members has commented lots comments from the same IP and we ban the IP addresses of those members, because they were trying to cheat.

Cheaters are not allowed to participate in any giveaway offer at Bnsofts, because when a cheater participate then a normal user has less chance to get the key, and we are here to provide free kaspersky keys and other giveaway offers to a normal user, not to a cheater. There for we are strongly monitoring every comment. So please don’t post more then one comment and never use different IP address for multiple entries.

Winners For Kaspersky Password Manger

Rocy (Comment No.17)

Boze JML (Comment No.9)

Veer (Comment No. 1)

Congratulation to the winners…!

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