How to Upload Youtube Videos to Instagram via iPhone or Android?

Yesterday One of my readers asked me how to upload a youtube video to Instagram?. My initial reply was no but after doing some research, I found that it is absolutely possible. So today in this article I want to show you how you can easily upload youtube videos to your Instagram.
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Instagram and Youtube are famous social networking and Social media video sharing websites and sharing the content between them will be a nice idea. This method was tested on Apple iPhone and it might work on Android with the same apps used here.

how to upload youtube videos to instagram

How to Upload Youtube Videos to Instagram

Note: – The process works perfectly for iPhone smartphone. However, you can also try for Android-based smartphones using the alternative apps mentioned below.

Step 1: – You will need three Application during the process.

Download “Dropbox” [ Android | iPhone ]

Download “Downloads Lite” App [iPhone | Not available for Android but you can try this app]

Download “Squaready” App [iPhone | Not available for Android but you can try this]

Step 2: – Now follow the instructions in the video below.

Install the apps and begin with the next step.

If you are a regular user of Instagram and youtube sites, I’m sure this article helped you in uploading Youtube videos to your Instagram profile so your followers can view them, like and comment.

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