How To Convert Hard Disk Into RAM | Boost Your PC Speed

How many of you get irritate when you using your personal computer or laptop running very slow? There are many factors impact the performance of your personal computer. The size of the RAM is one of them. The computer running slow or running fast depend on the RAM size. But Don’t worry too much, if you have a small size of RAM. Here is the best solution for you. In this article, I’m going to discuss how to convert hard disk into RAM which leads your computer to faster than before.

For XP users with a slow computer, this tip can help you make your PC speedy. If your computer is running on Low Ram and you want to increase the speed of your computer, then you can use your Hard Disk as a Ram. This technique is very old, but some of you are not aware from this, then I am going to explain in detail.

How to Convert Hard Disk into Ram

Follow these steps to convert your hard disk space for Ram usage.

1: – Right Click onĀ  “My Computer” and click “Properties” You will the screen.

2: – Now Click on “Advance” tab and then “Setting”

How To Convert Hard Disk Into RAM | Boost Your PC Speed 3. You will see the below screen. Click on “Change” button

How To Convert Hard Disk Into RAM | Boost Your PC Speed 4: – Change the “Initial Size” and “Maximum Size” according to your computer RAM.

How To Convert Hard Disk Into RAM | Boost Your PC Speed

Tips for Changing the Initial and Maximum Size.

For the initial size you should have a few hundred megabytes (usually something close to the amount of RAM installed) and for the maximum size approximately 2.5 – 3 times the size of your RAM.

Note: – Change the size carefully, because if the chances exceed your computer limit, then there is a chance of PC-Crash.

Using this method and you can boost your computer speed by using your Hard Disk as a Ram. If you have any other better ideas, just write that in the comment box below which will help others too.

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