5 Top Smartphones with Mobile Payment Systems

With the convenience brought by mobile payment, almost every consumer now wants to upgrade his or her mobile device to the most advanced handset on the market that has an ePayment feature. In fact, mobile payment is expected to rise worldwide, where the US leads the list globally with it expected to grow rapidly in the coming year. The report by eMarketer said one in five smartphone owners are expected to use mobile payment in 2016.

5 Top Smartphones with Mobile Payment Systems

5 Top Smartphones with Mobile Payment Systems

If you are wondering which mobile devices can make cardless payments, then here’s a list of smartphones that come with the most advanced mobile payment systems:

1. iPhone 6s – It uses its propriety mobile system, Apple Pay. Based on Tom’s Guide, Apple Pay and Android Pay are currently accepted in almost 700,000 locations worldwide. But, it falls behind Google Wallet on the number of accepted locations (millions) and supported devices.
2. Galaxy S6 – The handset runs its propriety Samsung Pay. Compared to the former, the handset can be used in 30 million locations, and the majority of retailers with NFC terminals accept payments from the Galaxy S6.
3. LG G4 – LG decided to go with Google to offer its users mobile payments through Google Wallet.
4. Lumia 930 – Nokia joined the craze by adding NFC chipsets to their Lumia 930 handset. Now, Windows Phone users will be able to pay at local establishments with NFC payment terminals.
5. Google Nexus 9 – The handset runs their propriety Google Wallet and has a support to magnetic swipe terminals.

5 Top Smartphones with Mobile Payment Systems

Most handsets with NFC (near field communication) chipsets built-in are able to make mobile payments at physical stores that have said cardless payment terminals. NFC World comes with a full list of smartphones that come with the wireless chipset.

Retailers worldwide have now adopted various kinds of card and cardless payment machines to cater for their increasing smartphone-dependent consumers. Apart from the in-store portals, establishments used mobile card machines to cater for delivery orders and provide a convenience service to customers in their physical stores. According to Worldpay, mobile card payment machines don’t need a fixed broadband connection or even a phone to hook up to the server, as payments as can be accepted anywhere as long as they have mobile coverage.

But, as we become more reliant on our mobile devices, it’s inevitable mobile manufacturers and businesses will find other convenient ways for us to shop and pay for items, whether at physical stores or through e-commerce websites. Virtual money like Bitcoin is slowly picking up the pace as well, so the mobile and digital payment industry looks like it will continue to change for the good in the coming years to make shopping more efficient for the consumer and business alike.

What’s your most favorite smartphone with a built-in mobile payment system? We’d love to hear your suggestions, so feel free to leave us a comment below.

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