How To Get Rid Of Trojan Virus On Windows

Knowing how to block Trojan viruses is required of every PC user. As more and more people use the Internet, the odds of being infected increase. Hackers have also become sophisticated in the creation of these programs. In this article, I’m going to discuss How to get rid of Trojan Virus on Windows.

How To Get Rid Of Trojan Virus On Windows

Antivirus Programs

The most effective way to combat the threat is to install antivirus software. There are a lot of programs available. Aside from commercial products, there are free versions too. Follow the instructions for installing. Set the software to automatically download updates. This is necessary because new viruses are appearing all the time.

Second, use only one type. Installing multiple antivirus applications may lead to software conflicts. Stick only with well-known and trusted products; poorly made programs will show false positives or worse, fail to remove the threat. Do not turn off firewall protection; it prevents hackers from getting into your system.

Be Wary of Unknown Email Attachments

Do not open email attachments from people you don’t know. Do not open email attachments that you did not ask for. Always scan these before opening even if they are from people you know. Studies show that these viruses spread via attachments.

Do Not Click Spam Mail Links

Some hackers send spam mail with links. These links look very ordinary or may have contents that will entice you to click. Don’t click them because they will load viruses in your computer. In fact, you should not open spam mail at all.

Staying Protected

It’s good practice to run your scanner at least once a month. Also keep the software running when surfing the Internet. They will be able to detect viruses, malware, and other malicious programs. There are other ways to minimize your risk exposure. Do not download pirated software. These programs carry viruses. Always keep your software updated.

How to Get Rid of Trojan Virus On Windows

If your computer is infected, run your virus scanner. If that

Doesn’t work, try the following.

Step 1

Get a computer that isn’t infected. It must have a CD/DVD drive or can use a memory stick. Turn that computer on. Open a web browser and download Bleeping Computer’s RKill. Save it to your disc or memory stick.

Step 2

Download the free version of Malwarebytes. Copy this to your memory stick. Save two versions of Malwarebytes and RKill. Their other versions should have unique names. This is a precautionary step because some viruses will not allow Malwarebytes and RKill to be installed. If that happens, just copy the versions whose names you changed.

Step 3

Turn the infected computer on. Go to Safe Mode if possible. If not, load it the normal way.

Step 4

Copy the two files in the computer. Open RKill. This software will terminate any viruses or malware running. Wait for it to finish. This may take some time. When it’s finished, turn Windows System Restore off. This is at My Computer > Properties. Follow the prompts.

Step 5

Install Malwarebytes. Click yes to any questions asked. Do not change any defaults offered by the program.

Step 6

When Malwarebytes is finished, delete all the infected files.

Step 7

Restart your computer. Turn System Restore on. Your computer is now cleaned.

If you are studying how to block Trojan viruses, remember that they do not look threatening. Viruses hide in innocent looking email and software. Be on the lookout and always alert.

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Things To Keep In Mind When You Give Your Laptop/Mobile To Tech support

Recently I read an article in the newspaper that a support guy from a very reputed company stole away personal pictures of the client when he connected and troubleshoot her computer via Team viewer. This was a big shock to all when the lady sued the company for data theft. Things like this happen most of the time. But the lady was clever or lucky enough to find it. Many companies nowadays enjoy providing support virtually with the help of “internet”, this may be simpler and tireless task for both the client and the support group but there is lot of chance for cheating and data theft. So in this post I have come up with some tips to ensure your data and personal information is safe when you handover/give access to your device to the support group. Alright, let’s see what things to keep in mind when you give your laptop/mobile to tech support.

Are you contacting the right person?

This is the first and foremost step to keep in mind before you contact the support team. Are u in the right place? many of us just prefer the internet for numbers which turn out to be false number sometimes. But even in the least possible case it will affect you a lot. So how to handle this problem? simple, only use contacts and Email ID’s from the companies official website. Don’t use any numbers from word of mouth or through some unpopular online yellow pages. By this, you make sure that your contact and getting help from the right person.

Things To Keep In Mind When You Give Your Laptop/Mobile To Tech support

Secure your personal information

Most of the solution provided by the tech support doesn’t need to fully access to your system. However, make sure you have your personal photos, videos, notes, passwords secure by password protecting. By this you can be confident that support people access only right files. Make sure you keep your desktop, recent history and other most used places clean, small information left behind in a sticky note of your desktop can be dangerous to you.

Check What they are doing

If the support team repairs your device before your eyes check what exactly they are doing. By this, you can get confidence and security that your personal data is safe. It will be even better if you take a backup of all personal files and messages and delete them from the device this will be a wiser option.

Always Recheck

Once the problem is over and you get the device from the support team back, make a thorough check both in hardware and software side. There “can” chances of installation of some illegal apps or Trojans which will silently steal your data and send to the installer

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Self Destructing Messages

You might have wondered seeing science fiction movies like “Mission impossible” where the hero will be getting a crucial mission. The beauty would be the message will be self-destructive. i.e once the hero sees the message the timer will start and the message will go to ashes, this in some case can be used for privacy purpose also. What is Self destructing messages? In this post, I will tell you a small trick to create and share messages. These messages look like normal, but they are self-destructive, after some time you can’t read the message Even though you turn the world upside down. There are two ways that you can use this “burn note” service.

Self Destructing Messages

Simple message via URL:

In this case, you have to head to the Burn note official site where you will be prompted to enter the message you want to share with the other person. Once you type and click “ok” a link will appear. This is the key for the other person to read the message.

As soon as the user at the other end opens the URL he can see the message you actually sent. But the message will be visible only for 3 minutes no matter you stay in the page or leave to another tab of your browser. After the intended time, the message will vanish and all you can see is a white space.

Sending an email:

You can also use this as email, i.e you can send self-destruction emails. But for this, you need to create an account with burn note which will require your email address, ID for the site and password. After logging in, you will see a “TO” box before the message body. These emails will vanish as soon as the user at the other end opens it, after 3 minutes the email will vanish as though it never existed.

These kind of tweaks can be used on one hand to share a secret message with your loved ones also you can send sensitive data to other. As the message is Self destruction you can make sure the message is received in right hand. Because the message would be dead if someone else has read that


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How To Be Untraceable On Internet

Many of us browse the internet, share links and other posts via Google+, Facebook or twitter. But we don’t have an idea how much our privacy is affected by this and how our information is used somewhere on the internet without our knowledge. For instance, take websites like Google and twitter, they track every single activity and update of you to either give you a suggestion or to use your profile. This may look simple but when you look deep inside, there is a serious privacy violation. Most of the browsers and social networking sites invade your privacy by distributing your identity or providing your activity to advertisement companies. So in this post we have discussed some extensions which will help you to keep your privacy alive. Alright, let’s look at How To Be Untraceable On Internet?

How To Be Untraceable On Internet

Do not track+

This is a wonderful application which comes as an extension so that you can use it easily. It’s supported by almost all available popular browsers, after installation of the extension it will clearly show what sites are tracking your activity, which advertiser is monitoring you, how many are tracking you etc. These results can be seen by clicking the extension which will collect all the information and will display once you click it. it will not only blocks all the intrusion but also gives you a handy report about the company and what it tried to do.


This is similar to the previous one but does more function. Ghostery too comes as a browser extension. This extension not only blocks the URLs which try to trace you but provides another interesting information too. Once you click the link reported by this extension, you will be redirected to their official website where you can find more information of the company that tried to track or monitor you. The site also provides other information like what kind of company is that and what kind of information they are collecting around the globe.

How To Be Untraceable On Internet

Apart from this do not share any post publicly, even though you are not sharing personal or sensitive information, clean your cookies also regularly to avoid tracking and, of course, to free some disk space.

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What Is Disposable Email Account

Computers have entered and changed many services like “mail” and now people communicate with each other via email. An email has replaced snail mail a lot. It’s faster, free and has many advantages compared to traditional emails. One serious problem everyone face is SPAM message, which somehow or other affect this service. This not only wastes your time and resource but also puts many in trouble as this spam emails lead you to unwanted path and scandals. Spam emails also mean unwanted emails. Say for example you are a student and you get the retirement plan. Your valuable email address is misused by many websites which lure you by offering free gifts and giveaways which are in many cases fake. This will be a problem when the email address is personal one or the one which you use for office purpose. So in this post we give you some tips to keep your email clean by using disposable email address. Let’s see, what is disposable email account.

What Is Disposable Email Account

What Is Disposable Email Account?

These are like MI style self-destructive email services which allow you to have a valid email address for a particular period of time say 4hours to one day. Throughout this time the email address will be valid, so where to use it? Suppose in a case where you are not aware of trustworthy of a site but you want to try you need not risk by signing up with your personal email address, instead you can create a disposable email address which saves your nightmare. You can even have a forward option where emails from that address will be forwarded to specified address as long as the address is alive

So how to do it?

Many email providers nowadays have this temporary or disposable email services. Recently launched new outlook also has this feature where you can create a disposable email address with your email extension. If not you can use services like meltmail. This simple yet powerful service has an email address which will last from 3hrs to a day. You need to give your original email address if you want to receive the mail, or else give fake ID. When you create an email address it will be something like “” which will be dead within hours. So next time spammer sends an email it will be rejected

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Encrypting Gmail Messages And Facebook Messages

The internet is a rich resource for sharing and retrieving information, it has become a medium for personal and business information sharing, but there is one problem always persisting in the internet “privacy”, it can be sending a small email or entering your credit card details in all cases there is always nightmare that all these information are not completely private. users of Facebook and Gmail are trying very hard to protect their emails and messages, by encrypting these messages you add extra precaution for  your messages making it 100% private. Through this article, I’m going to explain how you can encrypting Gmail and Facebook messages.

Encrypting Gmail Messages And Facebook Messages

Encrypting a message is a process of converting the message into cipher, the cipher is a combination of numbers and alphabets which cannot provide any information.  is a simple software that allows users to encrypt and decrypt messages before sending them into the internet. This application uses AES algorithm and all encoding and decoding is accomplished fastly within your browser.

How to Use this application?

This app is very simple and lite to use, to download this app from this URL  to get the browser friendly extension. The application is available for Chrome and Firefox readily, all you have to do is to drag and drop the app to address bar of your browser.

Encrypting message

The first step is to encrypt the mail or message, just normally type the whole message that you are going to send and hit the bookmark. A pop-up will appear where you should enter a passphrase or password. After that hit Encrypt, now the message will be converted into cipher which will be random letters which won’t reveal any information. Now just send the email and send the password separately or have a common password
Encrypting Gmail Messages And Facebook Messages

Decryption of message

Now the email/message is sent which is cipher, at the other end  the recipient has to click on the app and enter the password (which you have sent) and hit the decrypt button the whole cipher will be converted into message which is originally sent.
Encrypting Gmail Messages And Facebook Messages
Just for example I have used Gmail here, the same technique can be also used for Facebook or any service where plain text are sent and you need privacy for it. This is more simple and advantageous as no software installation is required and encryption happens in seconds within the browser.


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Online Shopping Safety Precautions For Online Shoppers

Many of us using the internet for gathering information and sharing news with the world. But there is yet another big market on the internet where lots of investments are spent and lots of turnovers are made and they are none other than online shopping marketers. In this article, I’m going to share with you about online shopping safety precautions for online shoppers. People shop around the internet because of a huge variety of products available with great deals and the work is very simple. You don’t need to stand in a queue or browse through old racks for products, instead, all you have to do here is to make some click and the product will reach your home within two or three days or even in a week. But the latest report reveals shocking information that hackers create phishing sites of the eCommerce site and even bank sites to steal your bank information. So if you are a frequent buyers/amateur buyer then read through some of these tips and make your shopping simple and secure.

Online Shopping Safety Precautions For Online Shoppers

Online Shopping Safety Precautions For Online Shoppers

1. Shop through familiar website
If you wish to buy any products from internet buy only from familiar websites. Don’t purchase products from links present in search engines. It’s better to shop through popular websites like Amazon, eBay etc. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the URL, don’t fall for false websites for example hackers would have created a website with URL But it’s not the official website so before buying from online make sure you are in the official website. This can be done with repeated search and looking the certificate of the website.

2. Look for Green Lock
Don’t buy from websites which don’t have SSL connection, always buy from websites which use secure connections like HTTPS. If you are going to enter your credit card information make sure the certificate produced by the website is authentic.

3. Don’t provide too much information
For making a transaction give only required information such as OTP and User ID. None of the websites will require you to save your credit card information or bank password. Also when you provide email address make sure you are subscribed to required newsletter alone or else you will be getting email frequently from the site.

4. Be sync with your Bank account
If you make payment with bank accounts/Credit cards instead of Cash-on-delivery once in a week or month check your transaction of a bank account by having a look at each and every transactions made by you. If you find any odd transaction collect the details and immediately report it to the bank, before that change all passwords associated with your bank account so that further breach can be prevented.
Online Shopping Safety Precautions For Online Shoppers
5. Avoid using public Networks
Even though you buy through genuine website there is another big hidden risk with online shopping the site may be legit but the network?? consider any case where you use the public internet to make some transaction, anyone can eve-drop your information and use it. So better don’t make any transactions or purchases when you are using the public or unprotected internet. Even with your home internet use a proper firewall and antivirus programs to prevent information from Trojans and Keyloggers.

Are these tips useful?? Do you have any query about internet shopping?? feel free to drop a comment

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How To Secure Wireless Network Connection

Wireless Network access has become the next generation of communication which provides users portability and compactness without compromising speed. Wi-fi and Wi-max are some of the most used wireless standards which are rivals for traditional wired connection. Alright, let’s have a look how to secure wireless network connection by your own.

Wireless networks basically carry the packets in Radio Frequency, not in wires. A  gateway is a device which converts wired into an internet connection. This provides a “hotspot” for connection between the gateway and your computer. Hotspots are identified by service set identifier which is like IP of a computer. Computers which have Wireless card, connect with these hotspots with a particular frequency.
How To Secure Wireless Network Connection

How To Secure Wireless Network Connection

Wireless connection are less immune to intrusion as the medium is air, so securing wireless connection is very important and for that, follow these tips to keep your wireless network secure

  • Change the password – Every gateway/access point will have a password for accessing the resource, to simplify the setup manufacturers will keep simple password which most of the users won’t change. This password will be easily guessable and most used ones like “admin123”. So, the first step is to change the default password and keep a complex password which will be hard for the hackers to crack.
  • Restrict access – Another very important thing to do is to restrict access. You can easily block or remove any MAC address which is communicating with your device. You can see the user manual to know about filtering process.
  • Encrypt Data – There are many types of wireless connection available. One of the popular ones is “Open connection” which doesn’t require any password to connect with the device. This may be simple for the user, but it’s not advisable if you want to have a private network.
How To Secure Wireless Network Connection
  • Keep SSD confidential– To avoid unwanted people using your network don’t reveal your SSD to friends or in the social Networking sites.
  • Use A Firewall – The best way to protect your device is to use a firewall, preferably a software firewall or mostly known as system based firewall. Keep the firewall updated and monitor it regularly
  • Antivirus- Use the best and updated antivirus. Sometimes the intruder may inject the code into your host via a wireless network. In such case, you need to have a state-of-art antivirus to detect such injection.

What type of Wireless network you are using?? Have you take any steps to protected it?? Or were these points really helpful to you yo protect your wireless from hackers? feel free to drop a comment

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7 Best Way To Avoid Spam Filter

“Congratulations you have won Microsoft social work award by our random program which picked you as potential winner, the prize amount $1000000 is waiting for transfer’

Many of us would have experienced emails like this in one form or another. If you are lucky these emails would be filtered by your mailing service and will be labelled as SPAM, if not you have to suffer from such unwanted emails in your inbox. The term spam refers to unsolicited, often unwanted emails. When you click the links present in the spam mail you may be redirected to a phishing site or malware hosting page which will be very dangerous. So we bring you simple and best way to avoid spam filter.
7 Best Way To Avoid Spam Filter

7 Best Way To Avoid Spam Filter

  • Don’t provide email addresses unwanted places – For certain websites it’s mandatory to provide email addresses but people nowadays fantasy about writing their email addresses in space wherever they see. This is the major source of spam mails. There are certain websites which have the sole purpose of selling email addresses to marketers. Your email will be collected in mass and stored in the database and they will sell to the multiple agencies for a huge amount.
  • Ready websites policy- Before you submit your email address to any website please check the privacy policy of that website. Mostly all professional web site should be having a privacy policy page which contains their policy information.
  • Choose correct options- Whenever you sign-up for any website make sure you choose the options only you want. For example, if you are subscribing with an eCommerce site choose only options like daily deals, discounts instead of all options which are available.
  • Create a Filter – Every mailing service will have a very important option called “filter by” where you can filter the emails you get. You can filter emails based on sender or the content it has. By filter option, an unwanted email will be directly deleted or archived which will reduce your workload and time.
  • Never open Links in the Spam folder-  The words, images will be magical in the spam mail which will tempt you to open the link provided in the spam mail but never open the link. There are many ways this will affect you and the URL may lead to a phishing site or will prompt to download a free antivirus which will be a spyware itself.
  • Keep a dummy account- It’s highly advisable to create a new email address. You can keep this email address for signing-up for any giveaways or any other purposes. By this way, you can keep your personal email address spam free
  • Don’t spam others- In some ways you too become spammers for your friends by sending same emails many times or sending unwanted email. Please respect their time and save your time too.
7 Best Way To Avoid Spam Filter

Find this article to be interesting??  how do you deal with spams?? do you have any experience?? please share it below

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8 Most Downloaded Security And Maintenance Software

We bring you the 8 most downloaded security and maintenance software which are most downloaded on the internet to tweak computers, interestingly there are many applications but these 8 are enough to keep your computer problem free.

8 Most Downloaded Security And Maintenance Software

Most Downloaded Security And Maintenance Software

1. AVG 
AVG is known for its Memory friendliness, this is a  free antivirus program with full free database updates. Some important features are automatic updation, real-world protection etc. AVG has crossed nearly 1.5 Million downloads.There is some other powerful antivirus in the market but its Free and lite to use, amateur and users who don’t use much internet can use this antivirus to keep computer problem free.
Best For: Amateur internet users, Offline computers.

2. Spybot
Spybot is a wonderful spy/ad remover. This application help to clean programs so that your computer loads so quickly  and can fix spyware which caused registry changes which alter some features of your computer.This software has a special focus on spyware which attaches with documents or other files, it can terminate the spyware very effectively.
Best For: Torrent Lovers, Nerds.

3. Windows Care Personal
It  is a wonderful software that  cleanup and repair your computer faster. Apart from that this software is good ad Spyware removal tool which will come handy for frequent internet users.
Best For: Messy users, Lazy nerds.

4. Ad-Aware
This may look like AVG and other free software, but it pays special attention towards Adware removal, this  Free utility  removes Spyware, Adware, and Bloatware.It  Scans your RAM very smartly and quickly, it also cleans Windows Registry, hard drives & external storage devices. One of my personal favorites. This software may request a registration code, but it’s OK to give “Cancel” at that time.
Best for: Rigorous internet surfers.

5. WinDirStat
This lite version software helps to tweak your computer,this software offers an  visual display of your hard-drive usage and helps you to quickly figure out what type of content occupies most of your disk space  movies,mp3, games etc.

This is a wonderful software that every internet user must install, this allows users to clean cookies right from one place with one click, apart from that registry fix and quick removal of other software are a specialty.
Users can also see what programs run during startup and they can disable or remove the software from startup, this will reduce your OS loading time and increase startup speed.

7. Auslogics Disk Defrag
This software is Faster, more efficient and simple alternative to native Windows Disk Defragmenter. Apart from missing  auto-run scheduler, its best defragmenter. Auslogics Disk Defrag is designed for fast optimization of today’s modern hard disks. Get the maximum performance out of your expensive hardware investments.

8. FreeRAM PRO
FreeRAM XP Pro includes some amazing features like automatic memory monitoring and optimization, advanced tray support, fast threaded, freeing with a stop option, multiple system-metric monitors, a very attractive GUI, memory reporting and real-time memory information.

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