How To Install All Programs At Once

One of the hectic and most hated job even by geeks is installing all applications from the top when OS is installed newly or formatted. It will be a lot of downloads, link search and a huge waste of time to download every single application starting from Chrome or Firefox. The most difficult part is, you may accidentally take the old version of the software so it will be a two-time work for you to install the software and then to update it. What if there is a software to install all these applications and programs? Yes, there is.. How to install all programs at once? In this post, all your formatting nightmares are brought to end. Meet Ninite, a simple application to install all your deleted application with just a “single click”

What is Ninite?

It is a simple application, probably of some Kb’s but with the power to fill up your computer. You need to head to their website and mark the application you used earlier. The list contains ALL application which are popular in its categories such as chrome in a web browser, Skype and G-talk in messaging and etc. You can also select the multiple applications in a single category. You will be given a small executable file which will be the gene of your time, in single click it access the web and downloads all the application you marked to download. The application works like a queue where one application will be downloading after the other. It saves a lot of time as the previous application will be in installation process while next application is downloading at the same time.

How To Install All Programs At Once


How to use Ninite?

Step 1: Head to this URL

Step 2: Select the application you need in each category. You can also select multiple applications in one category

Step 3: Hit the “Get your installer” at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: In the loaded page all application you selected will be shown and you can cross check another time and download the small installer file

Step 5: Simply run the installer

Boom! after some time you will be surprised to see ALL application will be sitting coolly in your computer. All these application will be up-to-date, after it the process is over you can simply delete the installer file and enjoy your favorite application that it has installed.

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