What Is Disposable Email Account

Computers have entered and changed many services like “mail” and now people communicate with each other via email. An email has replaced snail mail a lot. It’s faster, free and has many advantages compared to traditional emails. One serious problem everyone face is SPAM message, which somehow or other affect this service. This not only wastes your time and resource but also puts many in trouble as this spam emails lead you to unwanted path and scandals. Spam emails also mean unwanted emails. Say for example you are a student and you get the retirement plan. Your valuable email address is misused by many websites which lure you by offering free gifts and giveaways which are in many cases fake. This will be a problem when the email address is personal one or the one which you use for office purpose. So in this post we give you some tips to keep your email clean by using disposable email address. Let’s see, what is disposable email account.

What Is Disposable Email Account

What Is Disposable Email Account?

These are like MI style self-destructive email services which allow you to have a valid email address for a particular period of time say 4hours to one day. Throughout this time the email address will be valid, so where to use it? Suppose in a case where you are not aware of trustworthy of a site but you want to try you need not risk by signing up with your personal email address, instead you can create a disposable email address which saves your nightmare. You can even have a forward option where emails from that address will be forwarded to specified address as long as the address is alive

So how to do it?

Many email providers nowadays have this temporary or disposable email services. Recently launched new outlook also has this feature where you can create a disposable email address with your email extension. If not you can use services like meltmail. This simple yet powerful service has an email address which will last from 3hrs to a day. You need to give your original email address if you want to receive the mail, or else give fake ID. When you create an email address it will be something like “yu2q8G1LE3yE@meltmail.com” which will be dead within hours. So next time spammer sends an email it will be rejected

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