Encrypting Gmail Messages And Facebook Messages

The internet is a rich resource for sharing and retrieving information, it has become a medium for personal and business information sharing, but there is one problem always persisting in the internet “privacy”, it can be sending a small email or entering your credit card details in all cases there is always nightmare that all these information are not completely private. users of Facebook and Gmail are trying very hard to protect their emails and messages, by encrypting these messages you add extra precaution for  your messages making it 100% private. Through this article, I’m going to explain how you can encrypting Gmail and Facebook messages.

Encrypting Gmail Messages And Facebook Messages

Encrypting a message is a process of converting the message into cipher, the cipher is a combination of numbers and alphabets which cannot provide any information. Encipher.it  is a simple software that allows users to encrypt and decrypt messages before sending them into the internet. This application uses AES algorithm and all encoding and decoding is accomplished fastly within your browser.

How to Use this application?

This app is very simple and lite to use, to download this app from this URL  to get the browser friendly extension. The application is available for Chrome and Firefox readily, all you have to do is to drag and drop the app to address bar of your browser.

Encrypting message

The first step is to encrypt the mail or message, just normally type the whole message that you are going to send and hit the bookmark. A pop-up will appear where you should enter a passphrase or password. After that hit Encrypt, now the message will be converted into cipher which will be random letters which won’t reveal any information. Now just send the email and send the password separately or have a common password
Encrypting Gmail Messages And Facebook Messages

Decryption of message

Now the email/message is sent which is cipher, at the other end  the recipient has to click on the app and enter the password (which you have sent) and hit the decrypt button the whole cipher will be converted into message which is originally sent.
Encrypting Gmail Messages And Facebook Messages
Just for example I have used Gmail here, the same technique can be also used for Facebook or any service where plain text are sent and you need privacy for it. This is more simple and advantageous as no software installation is required and encryption happens in seconds within the browser.


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