How To Scan Your Computer Without Antivirus

How to scan your computer without antivirus? Is it possible? Yes! you can scan your computer without using Antivirus, It’s not magic when you have Online scanners. Viruses are generally scanned by Antivirus program which may be portable or nonportable. Apart from that even Anti-spyware, the firewall can scan for virus and fix them. The latest trend is to use so-called On-demand antivirus. The concept is not to install any antivirus but whenever you see symptoms of virus you run portable app or on-demand online virus scanner. In this post, we are going to see about on such Online Virus scanner which is very famous and easy to use.

How To Scan Your Computer Without Antivirus

House Call
Housecall is a free portable online virus scanner which takes only a minute to download. As soon as you download you can start scanning and just like the portable app, there is no need for installation. It features an intuitive interface and the ability to perform fast scans that target critical system areas and active Malware. This can be mainly used to scan important files of C drive. Follow the instruction to use this housecall

Step 1: Head to this URL and download Housecall.

Step 2: Select the file based on your Operating system. If you use 64bit OS download 64bit housecall.

Step 3: After downloading run the application with Administrator privilege.

Step 4: The application will download certain basic components to run the scan. This will take a minute or two.
How To Scan Your Computer Without Antivirus
Step 5: As soon as the download is complete hit start scan. You can also scan different drive by selecting the drive from “settings” tab.
How To Scan Your Computer Without Antivirus
step 6: The scan will run and will show if there is any virus in your drive. You can remove the virus with this
tool itself. At the end of the removal, you will get detail Log about the scan and the threat detected and threat cleaned.
How To Scan Your Computer Without Antivirus

Now you have scanned your computer and fixed the problem without installing an antivirus!!. However, these types of online scanner require internet connection till the scan is finish. Because it will verify each and every file with virus database from online. Housecall is the application for scanning viruses and it is totally Free of the cost when you download from the above site.

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