How To Be Untraceable On Internet

Many of us browse the internet, share links and other posts via Google+, Facebook or twitter. But we don’t have an idea how much our privacy is affected by this and how our information is used somewhere on the internet without our knowledge. For instance, take websites like Google and twitter, they track every single activity and update of you to either give you a suggestion or to use your profile. This may look simple but when you look deep inside, there is a serious privacy violation. Most of the browsers and social networking sites invade your privacy by distributing your identity or providing your activity to advertisement companies. So in this post we have discussed some extensions which will help you to keep your privacy alive. Alright, let’s look at How To Be Untraceable On Internet?

How To Be Untraceable On Internet

Do not track+

This is a wonderful application which comes as an extension so that you can use it easily. It’s supported by almost all available popular browsers, after installation of the extension it will clearly show what sites are tracking your activity, which advertiser is monitoring you, how many are tracking you etc. These results can be seen by clicking the extension which will collect all the information and will display once you click it. it will not only blocks all the intrusion but also gives you a handy report about the company and what it tried to do.


This is similar to the previous one but does more function. Ghostery too comes as a browser extension. This extension not only blocks the URLs which try to trace you but provides another interesting information too. Once you click the link reported by this extension, you will be redirected to their official website where you can find more information of the company that tried to track or monitor you. The site also provides other information like what kind of company is that and what kind of information they are collecting around the globe.

How To Be Untraceable On Internet

Apart from this do not share any post publicly, even though you are not sharing personal or sensitive information, clean your cookies also regularly to avoid tracking and, of course, to free some disk space.

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