5 Top Smartphones with Mobile Payment Systems

With the convenience brought by mobile payment, almost every consumer now wants to upgrade his or her mobile device to the most advanced handset on the market that has an ePayment feature. In fact, mobile payment is expected to rise worldwide, where the US leads the list globally with it expected to grow rapidly in the coming year. The report by eMarketer said one in five smartphone owners are expected to use mobile payment in 2016.

5 Top Smartphones with Mobile Payment Systems

5 Top Smartphones with Mobile Payment Systems

If you are wondering which mobile devices can make cardless payments, then here’s a list of smartphones that come with the most advanced mobile payment systems:

1. iPhone 6s – It uses its propriety mobile system, Apple Pay. Based on Tom’s Guide, Apple Pay and Android Pay are currently accepted in almost 700,000 locations worldwide. But, it falls behind Google Wallet on the number of accepted locations (millions) and supported devices.
2. Galaxy S6 – The handset runs its propriety Samsung Pay. Compared to the former, the handset can be used in 30 million locations, and the majority of retailers with NFC terminals accept payments from the Galaxy S6.
3. LG G4 – LG decided to go with Google to offer its users mobile payments through Google Wallet.
4. Lumia 930 – Nokia joined the craze by adding NFC chipsets to their Lumia 930 handset. Now, Windows Phone users will be able to pay at local establishments with NFC payment terminals.
5. Google Nexus 9 – The handset runs their propriety Google Wallet and has a support to magnetic swipe terminals.

5 Top Smartphones with Mobile Payment Systems

Most handsets with NFC (near field communication) chipsets built-in are able to make mobile payments at physical stores that have said cardless payment terminals. NFC World comes with a full list of smartphones that come with the wireless chipset.

Retailers worldwide have now adopted various kinds of card and cardless payment machines to cater for their increasing smartphone-dependent consumers. Apart from the in-store portals, establishments used mobile card machines to cater for delivery orders and provide a convenience service to customers in their physical stores. According to Worldpay, mobile card payment machines don’t need a fixed broadband connection or even a phone to hook up to the server, as payments as can be accepted anywhere as long as they have mobile coverage.

But, as we become more reliant on our mobile devices, it’s inevitable mobile manufacturers and businesses will find other convenient ways for us to shop and pay for items, whether at physical stores or through e-commerce websites. Virtual money like Bitcoin is slowly picking up the pace as well, so the mobile and digital payment industry looks like it will continue to change for the good in the coming years to make shopping more efficient for the consumer and business alike.

What’s your most favorite smartphone with a built-in mobile payment system? We’d love to hear your suggestions, so feel free to leave us a comment below.

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Laptop Vs Tablet Vs Smartphone | What Should You Get In 2015?

This is the world where we living with full of high technology equipment. Just go to 15 years back and think about what we had. We had only personal computers(PCs) and mobile phones for only talk with  another person. But today, even we are not ready to bring PCs and Mobile phones for comparison. This is the best proof which remind us, technology is advancing day by day. In this current world, it’s essential to know about laptop vs tablet vs Smartphone. Because, nowadays some people get confuse in what to buy. So hopefully, this Laptop vs Tablet vs Smartphone comparison will help you in different ways. In this article, I’m going to figure out what are the pros and cons of each device and finally give my suggestion for you to buy the perfect and valuable device in 2015.
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Laptop Vs Tablet Vs Smartphone | What Should You Get In 2015?

What Should You Get among Laptop Vs Tablet Vs Smartphone?


Laptops are like personal computers and they are suitable for mobile use. Basically, people using laptops in various places like home, office, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and many other places. Not like desktop computers, laptops has keyboard, mouse pad, speakers, display screen together. So people move to laptops from their desktop computers for easy life. Alright, let’s see what are the advantages and disadvantages of laptops.

Laptop Vs Tablet Vs Smartphone | What Should You Get In 2015?

Pros of Laptops

Must needed the device in particular place – Laptops are non-avoidable device after desktop computers in some places like office, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and so on. Since laptops have integrated keyboard, it’s very easy to type any number of words.
Ready to connect – Not like most of the Tablets or Smartphones, Laptops has USB ports or Express card slots or Thunderbolt port or HDMI port or Firewire/IEEE port or Memory card reader or VGA connector or e-SATA port or RJ45 port or Modem port. So you can connect anything depend on your needs.
Easy to repair – Laptops are very easy to repair even by yourself. When you find anything goes wrong, you can easily find the failure part and replace it. But you can’t repair you tablet or Smartphone by yourself unless you are really related to that particular field.

Cons of Laptops

Hard to carry everywhere – Not like Tablet or Smartphone, it’s really hard to carry your Laptop to everywhere you go. But Macbooks are exceptional since they are very light in weight.
Poor Battery life – Most of the laptops has really poor battery life. In fact, it’s really hard to work with the laptops for more than 4 or 5 hours without connecting the charger. But again, Macbooks are exceptional for this disadvantage too.
Little Expensive – Laptops are little more expensive than Tablets or Smartphones. Macbooks are much more expensive than other laptops.
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In this current world, the revolution of Tablets is comparatively higher than Laptops. Because it’s very convenient to use. Nowadays most of the kids having their own Tablets because the display size and quality are perfect for playing games. Apple iPad air 2, Google Nexus 9, Dell Venue 8 7000, Nvidia Shield Tablet, Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 and Microsoft surface pro 3 are some of the best Tablets in 2015.

Laptop Vs Tablet Vs Smartphone | What Should You Get In 2015?

Pros of Tablets

Easy to carry – Most of the people go for Tablets because it’s really easy to carry anywhere you want.
Not Expensive – Tablets are not much expensive compared to Laptops or even some Smartphones. It’s really affordable by most of the people.
Best battery life – Comparatively Tablets having the best battery life than Laptops or Smartphones. So you can use it for browsing or playing games or taking photos and videos at any time without any fear about battery life.
No need separate camera – Basically, you don’t need to bring your camera separately whenever you bring your Tablet with you. The camera features and Display quality make your captured image more professional.

Cons of Tablets

The purpose of use restricted – You can do browsing, playing games, taking pictures. What else can you do with your Tablet? Nothing at all. Because there are no external ports except the charging slot. This is the biggest drawback I found when I used my iPad air 2.
No keyboards or Mouse – There is no keyboard or mouse pad come up with the Tablet. So it’s very hard to do some day to day works fast. But you can buy external keyboard and mousepad, though.
Not a Single USB Port – USB ports are essential in this current situation in order to upload or download some large files. But most of the Tablets failed to add a single USB port with it.
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Would you imagine this world without Smartphones? It’s very hard to imagine such a world. 20 years back, If a person having a mobile phone means he/she is very rich. But the current situation is totally different. Even a school student having a Smartphone. Go through what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a Smartphone by a student. Alright. let’s see the pros and cons of Smartphones.

Laptop Vs Tablet Vs Smartphone | What Should You Get In 2015?

Pros of Smartphones

Very easy to carry – Have you ever feel disappoint to carry a Smartphone with you? Simply the answer is “No”. It’s a convenient device which you can keep it in your jeans or shirt pocket or girls keep it in their handbags.
Apps make you even smart – Nowadays Smartphones allow you to download lots of applications which make you even more smart. In fact, you don’t need to depend on anyone, since you having a high-end Smartphone.
The whole word is in your pocket – If you have a perfect Smartphone, then you feel like the whole world is in your hand. For anything and everything, you can use your Smartphone easily. With the rise of technology, Smartphones become a best quality product which is really essential for everyone.

Cons Of Smartphones

Little expensive – High technology or recently released Smartphones are little expensive than tablets or some laptops.
The small display for some purpose – Since the display size is comparatively smaller than tablets, it’s a bit hard to read books or news or even bit disappoint to watch movies.
Poor battery life – It’s very sad to accept that some big companies like Apple or Samsung and some other companies failed to produce a Smartphone with perfect battery life. You need to buy an external battery charger if you are a busy Smartphone user.
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What Should You Get In 2015? Laptop Vs Tablet Vs Smartphone? My Final Thoughts.

When you went through these 3 devices, you might be noticed each of these devices are needful for various purposes. Yes, you are right. These 3 devices do their job perfectly in a unique way. But where should you give more priority among these 3 devices? In this current world, Smartphone is very essential. Without Smartphone, it’s hard to bring your life to next level. After Smartphone, Everyone should need to do their day to day office or college or university works. For that, you must have a Laptop rather than a Tablet. So I would say, you must need a Smartphone and Laptop before going for a Tablet. If you have a Macbook and iPhone 6, your life would be awesome and you don’t need to buy anything else than these two, I strongly believe. Yes, Macbook and iPhone 6 are really expensive. But those two devices really deserve for that price tag. Alright, Now it’s your turn. Which device you use the most and why? Write your opinion in the comment box below.

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