How To Secure Wireless Network Connection

Wireless Network access has become the next generation of communication which provides users portability and compactness without compromising speed. Wi-fi and Wi-max are some of the most used wireless standards which are rivals for traditional wired connection. Alright, let’s have a look how to secure wireless network connection by your own.

Wireless networks basically carry the packets in Radio Frequency, not in wires. A  gateway is a device which converts wired into an internet connection. This provides a “hotspot” for connection between the gateway and your computer. Hotspots are identified by service set identifier which is like IP of a computer. Computers which have Wireless card, connect with these hotspots with a particular frequency.
How To Secure Wireless Network Connection

How To Secure Wireless Network Connection

Wireless connection are less immune to intrusion as the medium is air, so securing wireless connection is very important and for that, follow these tips to keep your wireless network secure

  • Change the password – Every gateway/access point will have a password for accessing the resource, to simplify the setup manufacturers will keep simple password which most of the users won’t change. This password will be easily guessable and most used ones like “admin123”. So, the first step is to change the default password and keep a complex password which will be hard for the hackers to crack.
  • Restrict access – Another very important thing to do is to restrict access. You can easily block or remove any MAC address which is communicating with your device. You can see the user manual to know about filtering process.
  • Encrypt Data – There are many types of wireless connection available. One of the popular ones is “Open connection” which doesn’t require any password to connect with the device. This may be simple for the user, but it’s not advisable if you want to have a private network.
How To Secure Wireless Network Connection
  • Keep SSD confidential– To avoid unwanted people using your network don’t reveal your SSD to friends or in the social Networking sites.
  • Use A Firewall – The best way to protect your device is to use a firewall, preferably a software firewall or mostly known as system based firewall. Keep the firewall updated and monitor it regularly
  • Antivirus- Use the best and updated antivirus. Sometimes the intruder may inject the code into your host via a wireless network. In such case, you need to have a state-of-art antivirus to detect such injection.

What type of Wireless network you are using?? Have you take any steps to protected it?? Or were these points really helpful to you yo protect your wireless from hackers? feel free to drop a comment

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