How To Block A Website On Computer Without Any Software

The internet is a rich source of information and resource. At the same time, it’s a good source of unwanted materials and contents. You can use parental control and other firewall Softwares, but it works only for a certain extent. Consider a case where you surf with having a kid and a pop-up appears having unwanted material such case will put you in awkward positions. In this post, I’m going to show you how to block a website on the computer without any software. By doing this, the particular website alone will be blocked and others can’t figure out why the website is not opening in your computer. Just follow the simple steps to create your own filter in simple steps

How To Block A Website On Computer Without Any Software

Step 1 : Go to C>> Windows>>system32>>drivers>>etc>>hosts

Step 2: The file will be in an unsupported format, never mind right click on that and click open with notepad.

When you open the files looks something like this

How To Block A Website On Computer Without Any Software

Check the last line  which has local host at the bottom.

Let’s say you suppose to block Facebook in your computer. Then you just type the following below the localhost line

Save the file and close it. If you haven’t saved, the effect won’t take place. Take care when you enter the URL of the site which you want to block. Then you have to restart the browser for the effect to take place. When you try to access Facebook the browser will return a blank page and the user won’t have any idea about the things happening around him.

The best part is that others don’t know why the website is not opening. This is great because if you use a filter or firewall people may find out and can disable the software but, in this case, many don’t know the presences of Host file behind this. In case if you want to unblock the same all you have to do is to locate the file again and remove that particular line.

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