Browsing Safe With WOT

Many Internet users cannot deny the fact that infection caused to their computers can happen by simply visiting a defaced or spam web page. They can send scripts through open ports in your system or simply download a programme virus and run them in your system without your permission. This background scripting is hardly noted by the user because he trusts the site as it looks legitimate and has trustworthy appeal. Only after some time the user realizes that the site is not legit and data loss and damage was severe in his computer. In order to avoid this, in this post, we introduce WOT, a simple tool by which you can estimate trustworthy of a site and thereby can be free from nightmares of computer hacks. Let’s see, how to browsing safe with WOT.

What exactly is WOT

Web Of Trust is most downloaded and most trusted tool to estimate trustworthy of any website. Till date, there are millions of download and many active users are using this tool to protect them from phishing sites and other harmful websites. The working of this tool is simple. You download the Add-on and rate the site according to your experience and trustworthiness. Voters are allowed to vote the site in four different category related to security. The interface of this tool is the catch which is sleek and pleasant to use. An Even novice can use this and it’s far better than AVG and other antivirus tools which protects spam. WOT uses three colour codes namely Green, Yellow and red showing the trustworthy of the site green being most trusted to Red untrusted.

Browsing Safe With WOT

Downloading and using WOT

WOT doesn’t require any complex software installation. It simply comes as Add-ons, to download the add-on head to this link and download the extension based on the browser you use. The bookmark will appear on your browser after it’s restarted. After installation, the fist page will guide you how to use the extension and asks for some user preference and settings. Apart from that each and every site has something called scorecard- a digital scoreboard for displaying security of that site. You can also check this by visiting WOT homepage.

another exciting feature of this extension is the preview. When you search some query in search engines WOT adds a small icon at the end of each link and displays its rating. By this you can actually estimate the trustworthy of the site before even clicking it.

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