7 Best Way To Avoid Spam Filter

“Congratulations you have won Microsoft social work award by our random program which picked you as potential winner, the prize amount $1000000 is waiting for transfer’

Many of us would have experienced emails like this in one form or another. If you are lucky these emails would be filtered by your mailing service and will be labelled as SPAM, if not you have to suffer from such unwanted emails in your inbox. The term spam refers to unsolicited, often unwanted emails. When you click the links present in the spam mail you may be redirected to a phishing site or malware hosting page which will be very dangerous. So we bring you simple and best way to avoid spam filter.
7 Best Way To Avoid Spam Filter

7 Best Way To Avoid Spam Filter

  • Don’t provide email addresses unwanted places – For certain websites it’s mandatory to provide email addresses but people nowadays fantasy about writing their email addresses in space wherever they see. This is the major source of spam mails. There are certain websites which have the sole purpose of selling email addresses to marketers. Your email will be collected in mass and stored in the database and they will sell to the multiple agencies for a huge amount.
  • Ready websites policy- Before you submit your email address to any website please check the privacy policy of that website. Mostly all professional web site should be having a privacy policy page which contains their policy information.
  • Choose correct options- Whenever you sign-up for any website make sure you choose the options only you want. For example, if you are subscribing with an eCommerce site choose only options like daily deals, discounts instead of all options which are available.
  • Create a Filter – Every mailing service will have a very important option called “filter by” where you can filter the emails you get. You can filter emails based on sender or the content it has. By filter option, an unwanted email will be directly deleted or archived which will reduce your workload and time.
  • Never open Links in the Spam folder-  The words, images will be magical in the spam mail which will tempt you to open the link provided in the spam mail but never open the link. There are many ways this will affect you and the URL may lead to a phishing site or will prompt to download a free antivirus which will be a spyware itself.
  • Keep a dummy account- It’s highly advisable to create a new email address. You can keep this email address for signing-up for any giveaways or any other purposes. By this way, you can keep your personal email address spam free
  • Don’t spam others- In some ways you too become spammers for your friends by sending same emails many times or sending unwanted email. Please respect their time and save your time too.
7 Best Way To Avoid Spam Filter

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