Online Shopping Safety Precautions For Online Shoppers

Many of us using the internet for gathering information and sharing news with the world. But there is yet another big market on the internet where lots of investments are spent and lots of turnovers are made and they are none other than online shopping marketers. In this article, I’m going to share with you about online shopping safety precautions for online shoppers. People shop around the internet because of a huge variety of products available with great deals and the work is very simple. You don’t need to stand in a queue or browse through old racks for products, instead, all you have to do here is to make some click and the product will reach your home within two or three days or even in a week. But the latest report reveals shocking information that hackers create phishing sites of the eCommerce site and even bank sites to steal your bank information. So if you are a frequent buyers/amateur buyer then read through some of these tips and make your shopping simple and secure.

Online Shopping Safety Precautions For Online Shoppers

Online Shopping Safety Precautions For Online Shoppers

1. Shop through familiar website
If you wish to buy any products from internet buy only from familiar websites. Don’t purchase products from links present in search engines. It’s better to shop through popular websites like Amazon, eBay etc. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the URL, don’t fall for false websites for example hackers would have created a website with URL But it’s not the official website so before buying from online make sure you are in the official website. This can be done with repeated search and looking the certificate of the website.

2. Look for Green Lock
Don’t buy from websites which don’t have SSL connection, always buy from websites which use secure connections like HTTPS. If you are going to enter your credit card information make sure the certificate produced by the website is authentic.

3. Don’t provide too much information
For making a transaction give only required information such as OTP and User ID. None of the websites will require you to save your credit card information or bank password. Also when you provide email address make sure you are subscribed to required newsletter alone or else you will be getting email frequently from the site.

4. Be sync with your Bank account
If you make payment with bank accounts/Credit cards instead of Cash-on-delivery once in a week or month check your transaction of a bank account by having a look at each and every transactions made by you. If you find any odd transaction collect the details and immediately report it to the bank, before that change all passwords associated with your bank account so that further breach can be prevented.
Online Shopping Safety Precautions For Online Shoppers
5. Avoid using public Networks
Even though you buy through genuine website there is another big hidden risk with online shopping the site may be legit but the network?? consider any case where you use the public internet to make some transaction, anyone can eve-drop your information and use it. So better don’t make any transactions or purchases when you are using the public or unprotected internet. Even with your home internet use a proper firewall and antivirus programs to prevent information from Trojans and Keyloggers.

Are these tips useful?? Do you have any query about internet shopping?? feel free to drop a comment

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  1. Totally agree with you online shopping scams are increasing day by day
    Along with these points, we should also make sure that the website from which we are buying should be HTTPs because the path from which the transaction happens is also secured and hackers cannot steal our money.


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