4 Reasons Mobile Gaming Is Only Just Getting Started

Mobile gaming has been around in its current form – which is to say, on smartphones – for about a decade now. And in some ways, it’s starting to seem like we’ve taken it as far as it can go. There have been tens of thousands of games made available on iOS and Android platforms. Some reimagine old games, some introduce new concepts, some follow popular franchises, etc. When you look a little more closely at this ever-evolving industry, however, it becomes clear that it may only just be getting started.

4 Reasons Mobile Gaming Is Only Just Getting Started

There are a few reasons for this assertion. I am going to line up 4 of the main reasons mobile gaming is only just getting started.

Reasons Mobile Gaming is Only Just Getting Started

1. Indie Success Is Fairly New
Some of the very best games on mobile devices come from indie developers, rather than big-name gaming studios. Titles like The Room, Limbo, and even Monument Valley all fall into this category. For that matter, even the company behind Clash Of Clans – one of the biggest mobile games ever – was tiny when it made the game. And yet, when you look at lists of the best indie games, there are still a lot of smaller games and titles you probably haven’t heard of. This is because in the scheme of things – roughly a decade of smartphone gaming, that is – the indie revolution is still somewhat new. And that means there’s much more to come from existing indie game developers and others that will emerge over time.

2. AR Can Go In Any Direction
Right now, the bulk of the mobile gaming population likely thinks of augmented reality gaming as the brief snapshot we got toward the end of 2017. This was when Apple and Google both lifted the curtains on their respective AR development tools (ARKit and ARCore), and it’s when we got an early, exciting batch of AR games. However, much more has been done in this category since, and given that developers are still working on how to craft the best experiences, we should absolutely expect more growth. AR gaming can go in all kinds of different directions, both on phones alone and via increasingly sophisticated AR glasses that are on the way.

3. Casino Games Are At The Floodgates
Already, even in the U.S. where casino gaming for real money is largely illegal, you can find quite a few games that fit nicely into the genre. However, while these games are popular, they’re still more or fewer simulations of the real thing. American mobile markets might see better if the current trajectory continues. New Jersey online casinos first came into being back in 2013 and have since grown to make up a significant portion of the state’s gaming revenue. And now, with the sports betting aspect of casino play on the verge of becoming legal across the U.S., there’s potential that this mini-movement toward real-money gaming that started in New Jersey could ultimately sweet the nation. And that would mean dozens if not hundreds of new casino games.

4. The Device Market Is A Wildcard
I mentioned AR glasses before, and this is only one example of a sort of device that will soon be paired with mobile phones to make AR games more interesting. The truth is, we never know what to expect from accessory devices that can make the games we play on our mobile devices that much better. In particular, it might be wise to expect that gaming on a mobile phone with an attached controller of some kind will become more normal and acceptable. The Nintendo Switch is effectively a mobile gaming device with ordinary gaming controllers already, and AR games are going to require their own controllers as well. These developments could well lead to a whole new market of gaming-related devices and games to accompany them.

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These are the 4 reasons mobile gaming is only just getting started. I hope, this post would help you in some way. If you have any other valuable reasons, mention that in the comment box below. Also, you can share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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