The Best Project Management Tool – ProjectManager

There are several project management Softwares available on the web. however, you need to select the one which has the features that will make it easy for you to manage your project. Remember, the whole purpose of a project management tool is to help in managing your project. However, If a project management tool is complicated or contains very little features then that can not truly help you in managing your projects. In this article, I’m going to introduce the best project management tool.

The Best Project Management Tool – ProjectManager

Introducing Project Manager which is truly the best project management software on the web. It is trusted by members in more than 100 countries. Let’s dig the tool further to find out what features are available that can help you in your project management.


It comes with a very simple and user-friendly Dashboard where you can see a graphical representation of the current online projects and current health of the projects. You can even customize it and can create multiple Dashboards.

The Best Project Management Tool - ProjectManager

Task Planner

The project planner helps you in planning by allowing you enter the details for the Task using the easy to follow steps. Details like Task List, Schedule, Start and End Date. Once the task is planned and assigned to the concern department, you can then monitor its actual work with the plan to know the real time status. Furthermore, you can also Import and Export from Microsoft Project.

The Best Project Management Tool - ProjectManagerIntelligent Reporting

It allows you to create a customize report for a project that is currently running and then can share via email to your superiors or others to let them know the status of the project. You can also generate a Progress Bar report that will show exactly how much work is done and how much still needs to be done. Apart from that you can also see how many resources are utilized for the completion of a project. You can easily know if the resources are overload.

The Best Project Management Tool - ProjectManagerManage Teams

The tool allows you to list all your resources that could be required to complete a project. Thus allowing you to keep an eye on each project with different resources allocation. This tool also allows you to see in real-time how many resources are allocated by a team member in a particular project.

The Best Project Management Tool - ProjectManagerTrack Result

This Project Tracking Software tells you if your project is on track. The dashboard offers the latest in Project Tracking technology. The health of current projects that actually tells you how much has been spent from the allocated budget on the particular project.

The Best Project Management Tool - ProjectManagerCollaboration Online

The best thing about Project Manager tool is that you can easily collaborate with your team leaders in a secured login restricted area. You can start discussions and communication with different team leaders to discuss the projects.

The Best Project Management Tool - ProjectManagerAs you can see, the Project Manager has all the features that you will ever need to manage your projects and enhance your productivity. This tool is trusted by NASA, US, US Postal Service, and World Vision. You can find the whole list of features of project manager here.

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