Top 5 Best Search Techniques Google

Top 5 Best Search Techniques Google

“Google” is a buzz word in day to day life. A person with little knowledge regarding Computer is well known about Google. Even adults who are not even know how to operate Computer is known the word “Google”. But, only a few know the techniques about search in Google. Through this article, I’m going to figure out 5 of the best search techniques Google.

So, everyone uses it for Searching. It has what not everything. It provides thousands of results for the query we ask. But, can you assure that each and every result it produces is useful for you? “No” is the answer from everyone. Then, how can you make every result of the query useful? It sounds pretty good, right? This can be made by some Searching techniques. Here are they:

Top 5 Best Search Techniques Google

1. To get meaning of a word
Google provides you the meaning of the word which you want. You need to follow one thing. You need to type the query as define word in the search box.

Example: define savvy.

This gives you the correct meaning of the word “Savvy”.  So, Google can also act as Dictionary apart from Search Engine.

Top 5 Best Search Techniques Google

2. To get particular files
You can get the particular files that too with particular extensions, in the search results. You can filter the search results of files. For this, you need to use “filetype: file extension”.

Example: Linux Tutorial filetype: pdf.

This gives you the Linux Tutorials of all PDF files.

3. To search in particular web site
In order to search within the website, you can do it in Google. Apart from searching from all the websites, you can confine your search in a particular website. You need to use “site: particular website”.

Example: Admissions

This gives you the results of admissions in Stanford University. So, this results in search of only Stanford University.

4. To search particular words in sequence
In Google, if you type any query it is parsed as individual words. Each word is taken as a search query and it displays the search results of each word. To get the search results of words with sequence, use it in Double Quotes.

Example: “All are equal”.

This gives you the search results of web pages which have the words “all are equal” in sequence. It does not give the results which contain independent “all”, “are”,”equal”.

5. Currency Conversion
You can convert the Currency of one nation to another. You can get the value of one current compared with another. You need to use [amount] source currency in destination currency.

Example: 1 USD in INR.

This query gives you the value of one US Dollar in Indian Rupee. It gives the comparison of US Dollar in INR.
Top 5 Best Search Techniques Google

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