10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors in 2021| Elderly Citizens

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly Citizens

Are you a senior citizen and wants to play some games on your Android phone? If yes, you are in the right place. Through this post, I am going to line up 10 of the best Android game apps for seniors or elderly citizens.

Frankly, the Google Play Store is intimidating with all the colors and apps screaming for your attention. There are endless options for you irrespective of your preferences and reservations. Hundreds of apps are finding their way to the play store daily. The interesting feature about games is how they have undergone a significant revolution. Games existed even before smartphones.

Games vary in terms of content and challenges, which attract different age groups. Thus, there are millions of games apps for seniors on the Android platform. In fact, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the multiple options. This is why you should go through this list of the top rated games, to save time and enjoy your valuable time entertaining and exercising your mind.
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Best Android Game Apps for Seniors

1. Dots

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensThe game is about connecting dots. It is a simple and cozy game that is best for seniors because it mainly achieves mind refreshment. There is no much thrill and reactions in playing dots but it is not boring either. Actually, you should try out this game and experience the endless fun of it. The play involves spotting dots of the same colors and trying to connect them vertically, horizontally or in a square. Typically, it is a race against time to complete the number of dots on your screen. Nevertheless, you can play at your own pace; it stills boggles your mind and gives you a sense of fun and refreshment.
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2. Candy Crush

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensThis will only favor you if you have a touchscreen phone, which is no longer an issue in the 21st century. Candy crush has ranked among the best android apps for several years in different regions of the world. It is more like dots because it uses candy types of various colors that you must connect to crush. The game has 2065 levels and at least 138 episodes that ensure the fun is endless. There is no way you are going to complete all these levels. The interesting part is the intensity of the game advances with levels, it becomes more challenging. Also, it improves one’s analytical skills.

3. Card Shark Solitaire

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensEvery senior is likely to relate to this card. It is an integration of previous games like Memory Thieves, Crazy Eights, and Forty Thieves. Card Shark Solitaire is the game for you if you love cards. In fact, the game’s interface ensures you have a feel for the real experience and thrill involved in analyzing and making strategic decisions. There is drag and drop button that makes it easier to make a move. Do not worry about the size of your screen or whether your fat fingers would fit, developers got you covered, it is universal for every kind of user.
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4. Angry Birds

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensThere is a high likelihood that you are already familiar with this game, or at least have heard of it. The game tops the Android platform because of its incredible optimization thus the hundred million downloads. It is similar to the old school mobile game, Snake, which is based on survival logic. As a player, you find alternatives and ways to maneuver obstacles to maintain your life. It is well suited for seniors.
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5. Quell+

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensIf you love solving puzzles, this is the game for you. The game requires analytically sharp minds to complete while having fun. Also, it has suitable difficulty levels thus appropriate for different kinds of users. When starting, it presents scrapped elements that you need to figure out to solve the puzzle easily. Any wrong tap pulls you back.
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6. Jigsaw Puzzle

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensAt one point or the other seniors would want to feel like kids. In fact, the more years advance the more you are similar to kids. This game ensures it takes you back to your childhood where you probably owned a jigsaw. The game is all about arranging pieces of incredible objects to form one large image.
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7. Cascade

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensJust like most of the games in this genre, there is no much strategy required. Cascade tests on your cognition of colors and speed of identifying objects. You have to connect gems with matching objects to earn points. If you yearn for the thrill, you are covered! The shuffling of gems and game boosters is the thrill of the game.
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8. Triple Town

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensThe game can be associated with the Kitchen. You are given ingredients to build a town from scratch. The number of combinations and type of ingredients determines the resulting object. Objects graduate from bush, tree, to buildings. The game is not boring at all. In fact, it is addictive because you want to make the perfect town that you always fantasize about.
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9. Sneezies

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensThe game is all about bursting bubbles. The interface is incredible with water illusions. Sneezies is simply cute. The simple analogy behind the game is to find a spot and sneeze in the bubbles to interfere with the beauty. Nevertheless, bursting of the bubbles in a chain reaction is the real beauty in the game.
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10. Cribbage- Crib and Peg Game

10 Best Android Game Apps for Seniors | Elderly CitizensIf you love cards, here is another interesting game for you. It has automatic counting, hints, and customized settings to suit your preferences. For instance, the background color can change to your liking. It gives you the freedom to confuse the game AI in a change of strategy.
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Best android game apps for seniors have less of hard thinking as compared to other games in the play store. While most have a thrill element it is of a less magnitude. Developers focus on fun and entertainment for this group of people. You cannot miss a suitable game for you among the 10. You only need to follow the download link to experience the fun.

If you know any other best Android game apps for seniors, mention that in the comment box below. Also, you can share this post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social share buttons below.

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